Wedding film delivery

Film delivery is one of our top priorities after post production. This is a special day for you, so we want to pride ourselves in providing a unique presentation case and memento for you to cherish, as this is no ordinary film on your DVD shelf.  Included with your personal DVD (or BluRay) housed in the Wooden Presentation Case is a USB, this includes a digital copy of the wedding film plus extras, along with two additional copies of the DVD provided for your families.  I even include a bag of microwaveable popcorn for you both to enjoy the feature wedding film with. It's a night in at your home cinema, and this isn't complete without popcorn.

online film delivery

Before you receive the finalised wedding film on DVD/BluRay and USB in the post, you will also be sent the film via our online film gallery. You will be sent a personalised webpage for you to view the wedding film online via your desktop, laptop, and phone, just wherever you have WIFI. This is a great way to view your wedding film for the first time, point out any changes you would like, and also send through to family and friends based in other countries who couldn't make the big day. If you would like to view an example of the personalised webpage we provide, do get in touch soon.