Meet the Chris Kelly A-team.

Shooter & Editor: Chris | Wife & Admin: Samantha
Our Girl & Mascot: Abigail | Security doggo: Lucy Lavender

Hello! Thanks for visiting the site and considering a wedding film for your big day - you are awesome! My name's Chris, and I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland - we travel all over the country filming fun wedding days. Long story short, I love capturing weddings on film and have won some awards while doing it. You want to know what I can offer you and how I set myself apart, rather than the achievements I've made. I think I've got a really flexible approach, a competitive pricing model, and a unique style of wedding film to offer. 

Sam & I were engaged in January 2014 (married July 2015) and one of the first things we booked was a videographer. Every bride I spoke to always said it turned into the best investment after the wedding day had passed. We will make sure you don't regret the decision to book with us, as we understand how important these memories are to preserve.

Huge thanks to Christine McNally for all of these awesome photos!



Sam (adult).


Lucy (dog).


Abigail (baby).