THe Personal film package

Let's capture some awesome memories! You're here for a wedding film and I love capturing weddings on film. It's a fantastic day and you will have something to remember yours by that isn't a still image. Everyone isn't the same though, but a day will run to a typical schedule - making yourselves look glamorous, getting hitched, and partying the night away. That's what I cover in the main package - prep in one location until 9pm. It's just me there on the day, working like a ninja to capture you and your friends and family enjoying themselves. 


STill here ? time for the details...

Your day goes by in a flash (ours did!), and if you've reached this page I don't need to convince you anymore of why you need an awesome film to fit your personalities. Here's the main points captured on the day...

package details


Wedding Party Preparations (One Location)
Detail Shots
Guest Arrivals
Wedding Party Arrivals
Ceremony (Multicam Coverage)
Candid Coverage of Drinks Reception & Photo Session
Speeches (Multicam Coverage)
Candid Coverage of Evening Reception
First Three Dances (Multicam Coverage)
Candid Coverage of Dances Until 9pm

do we get a say in the film?

Absolutely. While you've personalised your invites, dress, decor, photos, music and entertainment for your wedding day - why not your film as well? This doesn't have to be a 'by the numbers' wedding film, or 'everything and the kitchen sink' kind of edit, you work it the way you want it - short and sweet, fun and jumpy, finish on a high kind of film. You can have whichever -

documentary film approach

The wedding film has essentially everything thrown in, from being in the throws of the wedding party preparations to everyone strutting on the dance floor. The main parts of your day are shown in full (Ceremony/Speeches/Three Dances) with the rest of the day edited to music of your choice. 



Documentary Feature of the Big Day
(avg. 90 mins, depends on full ceremony & speeches length)

Short Highlights of the Day (3-5 mins) 

Online Sneak Peek of the Day (1 min)*

Online Short Highlights of the Day (3-5 mins)*

3 DVDs/BluRays & Wooden Presentation Case with USB
Online Film Delivery

cinematic approach

The wedding film is presented with a little more character, offering moments from throughout the day set to the mood of the vows and clips of the speeches, condensed into a more manageable length. With the feature film being an extension of the typical highlights film I produce, there is more of a dynamic editing style on show, with creative direction given on the day if needed.  



Extended Highlights Feature of the Big Day
(avg. 15-25 mins)

Short Highlights of the Day (3-5 mins)

Online Sneak Peek of the Day (1 min)*

Online Short Highlights of the Day (3-5 mins)*

Full Ceremony/Speeches/Three Dances (available separately)

3 DVDs/BluRays & Wooden Presentation Case with USB
Online Film Delivery

*- keeping with your musical taste, songs will be chosen to avoid licensing issues.


While there is a set price, I know each wedding is different so do check out the Extras available below
or use the contact form to get a bespoke quote for your wedding day memories.





Documentary & Cinematic Edits - £300
If you can't choose between them, you can request both. Weddings are shot the same way on the day and it's only once we reach the editing suite that we work to your choosing, so both films are available to purchase.

Video Guest Book - £100
Filmed between the Meal and the Dances, I've found this is the best time to get sweet, funny and occasionally drunken messages from your guests. 

Second Shooter - £250
If you are wanting more than one location covered for the Wedding Party Preparations, or just wanting as much coverage on the big day, a second shooter can be requested to cover the day. 

Drone Footage - £contact
Adding more cinematic toys to the filming of your big day, this extra is only available via a third party booking. These operators are fully licensed and insured and will be available to provide paperwork. Payment for this service has to be made on the day of the wedding, as it is very dependent on weather and location. 

Marryoke/Slow Motion Booth - £500
Filmed throughout your wedding day, give your guests some fun entertainment during the drinks reception and evening reception until the buffet (sporadic filming between main set ups during the day).  Marryoke is not available separately and must be booked with any film package. 

Raw Footage - £200
All filmed footage will be collected together on one USB to enjoy without music or edit, just enjoy how your big day was captured in its purest form.


  • The Byre at Inchyra, Perthshire
  • Errol Park, Errol
  • Eden Village Leisure, Cumbernauld
  • The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow
  • Cottiers, Glasgow
  • West Brewery, Glasgow
  • St Lukes, Glasgow
  • Comrie Croft, Crieff
  • Pratis Barns, Leven
  • The Barn at Dalduff Farm, Marybole