This is our client area to give you an idea of where your wedding film is in the queue for your edits and what stage your wedding film is at.

"When will I get my wedding DVD?" I hear you ask.

Depending on the time of year our turnaround time is between 8 and 14 weeks. When we are at our busiest, the turnaround time is likely to be closer to the 14 week mark, but at the moment it has gone beyond that to 20 weeks while including wedding prep and celebrations of our own. Something we're not wanting to repeat in 2016.

Each film is painstakingly edited in real time with adjustments to the sound, colour correction, export time (turning the footage into a file that can be burned onto DVD), and DVD production. Then, of course, there’s quality control.

This whole process is standard practice. We do aim to have your film done within the estimated time and we love to take our time when editing to ensure the best possible quality and creativity has gone into each wedding film.

Meldrum & Smith - 7th November 2015

  • Footage Cut Down.
  • Ceremony, Speeches & Dances Multicam Edited.
  • Montages Completed. Highlights to be Completed.

Maclachlan & McGilp - 5th December 2015

  • Footage Cut Down.
  • Guest Book Completed & Available to View.

Moore & Macdonald - 16th January 2016

McLean & McAllister - 30th January 2016

Brotherton & Zahid - 3rd February 2016

Wilson & Muir - 20th February 2016

Moon & Burns - 5th March 2016

McElhinney & Meechan - 12th March 2016